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August 07, 2015

SOLD! 4 Vintage Triumph 9 7/8" Dog Dish Hubcaps Hub Caps

We are selling a vintage set of 4 Triumph hubcaps on Ebay.  These measure 9 7/8 inches.  We think they are called the dog dish style.  Each hub cap has the original emblem.  As we understand it, these were made for Triumph models TR2, TR3, or TR4.  We found these at an estate sale at an old house in Kentucky that had been closed, since the owner's death, for about 15 years. 

Condition (see photos too): 
#1:  no chrome loss; great shine; one very small surface dent center left top outer edge; very small amount of little bumps on the chrome in first dip down going from top edge towards badge; badge has just a little enamel loss, colors are very pretty; back of the hubcap has a lot of it's original red paint.

#2:  no chrome loss; really nice shine; a scratch on side outer edge as well as a small dent; only a handful of little bumps in the chrome in first dip down going from top edge towards badge; badge has very small loss of enamel, great color; back of hubcap has a lot of the original red paint and an area of dried grease.

#3:  no chrome loss; couple scratches and a tiny dent on outer edge; hardly any little bumps on surface, but this hubcap doesn't shine as much as the others, it has slightly more fine surface scratches; more enamel loss on this badge, but overall not excessive, great color; back of hubcap shows a lot of red paint, some of the paint is starting to lift.

#4:  no chrome loss; pretty nice shine; a few scratches and small dents on outer ring; has many small bumps and some larger groups of bumps on the inner rings going towards the badge; badge has greatest loss of enamel, but still has more enamel than lost enamel; back of hubcap is shows very little of the original red paint, is mostly rust.

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