For the Love of Junk

September 05, 2012

Sorting Our Vintage Goodies...

Spent the morning working in our stash of vintage paper items and old books!  We've been opening boxes and sorting for months.  Finding some “treasured goodies” hidden among the thousands of books, magazines, catalogs, toys, games, etc., in the “Old Kentucky Gentleman's” estate. So fortunate to have stumbled across this wonderful lot. His farm had been sold and bulldozers were going to level everything the next week. What was deemed valuable had been removed. Nothing was to be hauled to the County Dump...just intended to knock all the buildings (and any contents!) down and set fire to the pile of debris. Not able to stand the thought of so many useful items being wasted, we made an offer for what was left and were thrilled when they accepted and told us we had 2 days to haul it off!  It was backbreaking, dirty, exhausting, exhilarating work!

We felt we were doing really good the first day until realizing we were still working in the first of five buildings.   Seems we were spending too much time in the excitement of sharing our finds! From that point on it was simply box it up, haul it in the little red wagon and load it in the Uhaul truck. Forgot to mention the place was so overgrown with small trees and heavy brush that we couldn't get a vehicle anywhere close to four of the buildings.  

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