For the Love of Junk

August 03, 2009

Bean Town Homemade!

I just received the most adorable dog collar that I purchased on Etsy. The collar was handmade by Anne of “BeanTownHomemade”. It is the Floral Pet Collar, which was crocheted to fit my Pomeranian Jackson (the black & silver fellow). Of course once Jackson had the collar on, his son Winston (the little red man), became very jealous and had to have his turn wearing the collar and getting his picture taken. Before Winter I predict more orders from Anne so each of our three Poms will have their own collar. When you are on Etsy stop by and check out Anne’s large collection of dog apparel and accessories!


Shelly... said...

They look so smart with their new collars. I have hesitated to order one because I have a boy but seeing your guys with the collars maybe it won't be so bad. :~)

Denise said...

How cute. My sister has two Pomeranian's and they seem to like "dressing up".