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March 15, 2009

Delcampe Integrates Paypal in E-Wallet!

Delcampe has integrated Paypal into their "e-wallet" as a way to easily pay for purchases on their site. This is very good news and should make Delcampe even more attractive to US buyers! Here is the message Delcampe sent to it's members: "Dear member, dear buyer, Until now, you have been able to use the Delcampe e-wallet to pay for the items bought on the site. But it was limited for paying via Moneybookers.Many of you have been asking to integrate payments via PayPal too, as this system is easier for most of you. Our team have worked in collaboration with the PayPal team to prepare a comfortable and pleasant solution.It is now a great pleasure for us to announce that PayPal is now available for your purchases on Delcampe! You can now choose to pay with PayPal, just like you could already pay using Moneybookers.Today, more than 165 million people already have a PayPal account. This payment method is the most popular on the Internet after credit cards! "

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